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Vineyard Dogs

Brook Eden is home to our two Basenji dogs, Prince (Baagna Dragon Slayerr) and his daughter, Xena (our little warrior princess). If you don't know Basenjis, you can learn about them here .

Expect to be greeted by one or both of our dogs if you visit the cellar door.

Brook Eden gets a 5 star review

29 July 2015

We are celebrating today because of the release of the 2016 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion where Brook Eden has received a 5 star rating.

The Brook Eden 2012 Pinot Noir received 96 points and will be included in the best of the best section of the Wine Companion.

There is more good news; our 2013 Rosso received 95 points, and our 2013 Nero was not tasted by the James Halliday review panel.

 I had better explain. In 2013 we renamed our Pinot Noir.

We make two Pinot Noir styles at Brook Eden. The traditional style is aged in French oak barriques for at least 10 months which results in a darker wine with complex flavours. In the past this was simply called Brook Eden Pinot Noir. Now we call this the Brook Eden Nero.

We also make a lighter style that receives a much less intense wood treatment. This was called in the past the Brook Eden Water’s Edge Pinot Noir. We now have renamed this to Brook Eden Rosso. Many people like this style, and it has the advantage for us that it hits its peak and can be released earlier than the more heavily oaked Nero.

In a way, this is an attempt to colour code our wines; we now have Grigio, Rosato, Rosso, and Nero. It all makes sense if Italian is your first language, I hope it will make sense to you as well.

When submitting wines for review by James Halliday and his team, I included the 2012 Pinot Noir but not its successor, the 2013 Nero. At the time I felt that the 2013 Nero still needed a little more bottle age before showing its full potential.

I fully expect that the 2013 Nero will score higher than the 2013 Rosso in a side-by-side tasting. So, with the Rosso receiving a 95 point score, I have high hopes for the Nero. Time will tell.

The full results from the 2016 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion are:

2013 Chardonnay

92 points

highly recommended

2013 Jan’s Tank Chardonnay

93 points

highly recommended

2013 Riesling

94 points


2013 Grigio

90 points

highly recommended

2013 Rosato

94 points


2013 Rosso

95 points


2012 Pinot Noir

96 points