Brook Eden Vineyard –⁠ cool climate wine from Tasmania - In the Vineyard – November 2012

In the Vineyard – November 2012

De-shooting and crown-thinning the vineyard in November.

It is still possible to get a late frost, but this looks less and less likely as the weather continues to warm. A little dry late in the month, so we had a go at getting the irrigation system up and running. Gave both the Pinot Block and the Bottom Chardonnay Block a good soak.

We let the grass cover grow a bit in November, then cut it right back in preparation to spreading compost. We obtained some good organic compost from Dulverton Organics, since we had not made any ourselves last winter. The compost is delivered in a very large truck. Now spreading it by the shovelful.

Brook Eden Organic Compost Delivery Brook Eden Organic Compost Pile

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